Rose Fostanes-X-Factor Israel Victory

Rose Fostanes

47 years old, 4’11, an overseas worker, a caregiver, a Filipino and the first winner of X-Factor Israel first grand finals- another Filipino pride.

Rose Fostanes  X-Factor Israel Victory
Moshe Peretz,Rami Fortis,Shiri Maimon,Ivri Lider and Bar Refaeli

It was an inaugural season for X-Factor Israel , which made its debut last October 26,2013. The show was hosted by one of Israel’s famous model Bar Refaeli .  Judges’ seat were filled in by Israel’s celebrated music icons- Moshe Peretz , pop singer-songwriter and composer  ; Shiri Maimon , pop and R&B also an actress; Rami Fortis, known as the Pioneer of Israeli Punk rock; and Ivri Lider., pop star and member of duo TYP ( The Young Professionals).



Rose Fostanes

Her life and X-Factor Israel Journey

Rose Fonstanes  X-Factor Israel She has worked overseas , particularly in Middle East for 20 years and has spent almost 6 years in Israel. A day in a life of Rose Fontanes would mean taking care of an ailing woman and residing in a small apartment in Tel Aviv.

It was until her audition where she sang This is My Life by Shirley Bassey, that Rose Fostanes got her ticket to her dreams. It was not an all smooth victory for Rose Fostanes. She had to wrestle with 80 contenders from bootcamp, which was narrowed down to 20 in the Judge’s house showdown and finally 12 finalist for the live shows. Rose Fostanes was mentored by Shiri Maimon.

Rose Fonstanes  X-Factor Israel
Rose Fostanes duets with mentor Shiri Maimon

Here are the winning songs rendered by Rose Fostanes on her  X-Factor Israel performances.

Auditions: This is My Life by Shirley Bassey

Bootcamp: You and I, by Lady Gaga (Phase 1)  and  Purple Rain by Prince (Phase 2)

Judges’ House: The Best by Tina Turner and Without You by Badfinger.

Live Shows: Beautiful by Christina Aguilera ; Born this Way by Lady Gaga;  Because of You by Kelly Clarkson;  Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and I Who Have Nothing by Shirley Bassey.

Finals: Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics, If I Ain’t Got you by Alicia Keys (duet with mentor Shiri Maimon) and My Way by Frank Sinatra

Rose Fostanes

showcased her performances and seamslessy belted her songs like a pro, but jitters also hovered around her . While waiting for her turn in the audition, Rose Fostanes veered away from the crowd thinking ” I feel ike everybody was looking at me like I’m an alien”.   During the performances on Judges’ house,Rose Fostanes had more qualms on herself  saying ” This is what I’m afraid of, because I don’t have the full package. I can sing only good maybe. I’m the oldest in the other category . Nobody teach me, I’m doing it for myself. That’s why I’m afraid to compete them because they are all amazing, they have all the experience, not like me.”

Rosa Fostanes

But of course, she came in just like a firecracker just waiting to be lit. All throughout her stints during the live shows mostly ended with a standing ovation.  There was a rainfall of praises from judges and applause from the audience. And because of this, X-Factor fans can’t help but label Rose Fostanes as the new  Susan Boyle.

Now the whole Filipino nation is celebrating with her. Yesterday, Malacañang hailed Rose Fostanes’ victory with Presediential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda stating   “We are certainly very, very proud of…Rose that she was able to prove herself. We know the situation she was in and we are very, very proud that she has again given the Philippines pride in the showcase of her talents… The world knows that we are good not only in the States but everywhere you ask a Filipino to perform,” .

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