“To Eat is to Believe”

EatThere is a growing population of finicky eaters  today. Food patrons are no longer just after the taste of food but the whole dining experience they get from these places to eat. Ambiance, service, presentation, value for money, theme, etc. are some of the extra qualities that blossomed because of this.

As this population thrives, so as the different  places to eat that have mushroomed  around the city. And it can really be seen that each place has come up with their own concept and gimmicks to attract customers .Each place to eat is aiming to be distinct from the others and be a household name that every food customer will remember. Spell C-O-M-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N.

Now that social media is in place, food customers have a better chance of knowing the best places to eat. Word of mouth is now as speedy as ever , so these places to eat must never miss the chance of getting free advertisement thru an FB status , a Twitter message and other means. But remember! These opportunities may either make or break these places to eat.

eatSo as a food lover, I’d love to share my adventures in different places to eat that I will experience.

No pun intended!

I will be as constructive and as modest as I can be with my food reviews. For any food is a blessing we should be thankful to receive. Most importantly,  I will try my best to impart the experience in the most explicit way that I can.

Bon Apetit!



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