Philippine Standard Time (PhST) The New Filipino Time

Do you want to be on time this 2014? Go ahead and have your watch set for the

Philippine Standard Time


Philippine Standard Time

The first week of January 2014 was geared to be the “National Time Consciousness Week”  with the tagline  “Juan Time: Pinoy Ako, On-Time Ako!”.

This  was launched in lieu of  Republic Act 10535 or the Philippine Standard Time Act of 2013. A law stating that-

Philippine Standard Time
Republic Act 10535 or the Philippine Standard Time Act of 2013

” All national and local government offices are mandated to display the Philippine Standard Time (PST) on their official time devices, including Bundy clocks, in accordance with the official time being provided by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) using its network time protocol. All of these offices shall coordinate, at least once a month, with the PAGASA to synchronize their official timepieces and devices


The Philippine Standard Time  with DOST, Globe and Smart

Last January 1,2014 Department of Science and Technology (DOST), together with giant  telecommunication networks such as Globe and Smart concurred to set their time according to the new Philippine Standard Time.  These networks committed to be an advocate of the new “Juan Time”. Here is what they have to say.Philippine Standard Time

“Smart is pleased to be an active partner of the ‘Juan Time’ Philippine Standard Time Campaign of DOST.The theme ‘Pinoy Ako, On Time Ako’ is very appropriate in the context of keeping our diverse country of more than 7,000 islands in step with the world. Smart is committed to do its part in making sure that its 50 million subscribers will benefit from this Philippine Standard Time campaign,” – Ramon Isberto, , head for Public Affairs of Smart Communications.

“Globe actively supports the observance of the National Time Consciousness Week by activating various initiatives through the power of our modernized network and social media to reach out to all Filipinos, enjoining them to observe a common reckoning of time across the country. With the implementation of the Philippine Standard Time, we are one with our countrymen in starting 2014 on time and observing thereafter Filipino Time as being Juan Time, On Time.” – Yoly Crisanto , Corporate Communications Head for Globe Telecom

Philippine Standard Time
The PAGASA Time Service Unit

According to DOST Secretary Mario G. Montejo, this nationwide campaign by the government to synchronize the Filipino time according to the Philippine Standard Time aims to –

reverse the negative connotations of “Filipino Time” from tardiness to punctuality, discipline, and utmost regard for other people’s time. Lateness often leads to missed opportunities. What we want is for Filipinos to arrive on time as the new norm.”

To further promote this campaign, DOST created this video called  ” Philippine Standard Time Instructional Video”.

Know the exact Philippine Standard Time by visiting or calling  (+632) 9291237.


Mama notes




Just as “I will not be late” is easy to list as a New Year’s resolution, it is one of the hardest to follow for some (next to dieting? hehe).

Philippine Standard Time
What’s better?

Since the “Filipino Time” famously known for tardiness, has already become a national concern, it only means that it’s really taking its toll. As we all know, being late may mean missed opportunities, additional cost, misunderstandings and not to mention stress. So  let us take advantage of the government’s effort for transformation on a national scale.

This 2014, let us all break free from the old “Filipino Time”.

Let us all set our watch according to new Philippine Standard Time, and most importantly ourselves to be the new Juan, always on time.

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