Lizzie Velasquez Story – From Being The Ugliest Woman to Being Beautiful

Lizzie Velasquez
She was “Ugliest Woman”

Lizzie Velasquez was once a Youtube Sensation.
The video was showing only her picture for 8 seconds , yet it was unbelievably viewed 4,000,000 times and garnered thousands of comments. It could have been a rejoicing moment for anyone for being an instant celebrity.

But not for Lizzie Velasquez. In fact, it was a hurtful and traumatic experience for the video was titled  “Ugliest Woman in the World”.

If a lot of people worry on getting the flab and losing the curves, it was a totally different story for  Lizzie Velasquez. She was at the odds of  gaining weight to the point that her body has zero fat.  No matter what and how many times Lizzie Velasquez eats, all the calories will just be a puff of smoke.

Lizzie Velasquez

Sounds too good to be true?  It may be a quick yes for most of us, but again not for Lizzie Velasquez who has been battling this “skinny” syndrome for almost 25 yrs. It’s a rare health condition that only 2 including Lizzie Velasquez has this ailment.  She only weighs 64 lbs or 29 kg , a little less than a sack of rice. Her skin is aging fast and since her body is unable to build muscle , her bones are very pronounced . She is visually impaired making her left eye blind and her right eye needing to use contact lens.  Most worrying of all is that Lizzie Velasquez has weak immune system.

Lizzie Velasquez
Young Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez was prematurely born  on March 13,1989 in Austin, Texas . She weighed only  2.11 lbs which if converted is less than a kilogram. Rita Velasquez, held her firstborn Lizzie Velasquez on the palm of her hand. Doctors told her parents , Rita and Guadalupe that she may not be able to walk, talk crawl or do things by herself.


Lizzie Velasquez and her Beautiful Life

As expected, Lizzie Velasquez was not spared with the harshness of bullying and even Cyber-bullying. She had her first  bitter taste on her kindergarten , which of course became a series she had to deal with while growing up. Life could have been difficult and depressing  for Lizzie Velasquez.  But because she had a strong support system from her parents, who continuously encouraged her to live normal  and pursue her dreams, Lizzie Velasquez lived a beautiful life.

Lizzie Velasquez
Lizzie Velasquez: Who Defines You?

Lizzie VelasquezLizzie Velasquez  has graduated from college , wrote 2 books already and is now  an amazing Motivational speaker. She passionately shares her story  giving emphasis on how she made a choice to be what she is today. A question she leaves behind -“What Defines You?

To know more about the beautiful story of Lizzie Velasquez, watch this video:

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