Rustic Mornings at Isabelo’s

isabelo'sIf you’re working while everyone else is sleeping (a.k.a nightshifter)  just like me,going out after work would mean strolling the city in a very early morning . Sadly, breakfast is what you will find in most of the food places that’s open.  Sure  we can just grab a P25 coffee or a P50 breakfast meal in a jiffy. But what if breakfast is not what you’re only after? How about if you’re in the mood for a good chitchat with a friend or simply just wanted to enjoy a countryside breakfast.

Isabelo’s is exactly that place.  Let me share my experience  and you’ll find out why.

Going There

Well, this is one of those “hole in the wall” food haven. I mean literally..haha. As said in their map        Go down the narrow road and when you see a big silver gate, you’ve reached Rustic Mornings by Isabelo “.  That narrow road is  Isabelo Mendoza Isabelo'sSt. where upon entering,  you’ll pass by a long wall  then suddenly the Isabelo’s entrance. So you’d better drive slowly .


Quite a challenge since Isabelo’s have a limited parking space .Good thing they have a parking attendant who can assist . No valet service .


 I went there on a Saturday morning with my highschool BFF Maya. The placed was quite jam-packed as early as 9:00 am !  We were welcomed by a staff who lead us to a porch to wait and handed us the menu for advance order. We were asked where we wanted to be seated and was briefed of the waiting time.


At a first glimpse of the place.. I knew it will be worth the wait.  The uniquely decorated garden setting (crochets and curtains), quietness and smell of the kitchen said enough for the first impression.  Isabelo’s had 2 sections for diners. You may opt to stay inside a house-like air-conditioned room or outdoor in the garden. Either way, both are homey and relaxing.


Isabelo’s offered two breakfast choices- Rustic Mornings for Continental breakfast sets and Filipino Breakfast Tray for rice loversisabelo,s

The menu was impressive though I wished they added more to offer for  Filipino Breakfast Tray since it was more of the “silogs”  combination.

We ordered for Caesar Salad, Fresh Toast Herbed Hash Browns and Bacon, and Waffles and Buffalo Chicken Strips and Salad (Served with Marinara Chipotle). Ordering was such a funny experience since we almost  fumbled reading the lengthy menu. But amazingly, the food staff repeated the order without batting an eyelash!

The food was served just right on time. The refreshments and salad came in first and was followedisabelo's by the main entree.  And wow! It was picture perfect! The veggies were fresh  and so as the rest of the plate. The hash brown was a surprise for me since I expected for the usually rectangle shaped ones, but what was served was a crispy fried, golden brown shredded potatoes put together.


A bit pricey. Each breakfast set would cost around Php 200++. Estimated per dine-in cost would be      Php 500 to 700 on the average. Practically speaking,  this is not for the  breakfast-on-a-regular-day. This more for I-want-to-celebrate-today breakfasts.


Service: Fairisabelos

Food: More than Good

Price: Fair



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