Filipino Spirit – A Filipino Brand

Belgian chocolates, French bread, English tea, Swedish massage, Chinese herbs, just to a name a few, these are brands other countries are well associated with.  I can’t help but dream that someday a Filipino brand will also have the same opportunity and fame.  Imagine the word “Filipino” being used as if it’s an adjective to  brand something significant that it will be constantly there . A Filipino brand that will reach places and last ages. 

Filipino Brand

This vision is not really as elusive as it may seem. There were times that we thought we’re almost there, but did not get the Filipino brand  we really wanted or deserved.  Many times I have read of the “Manila envelope”  or “Manila paper” written as it is in some English novels, but still it not something that will make you think of the Filipinos in a snap.  Also as defined by Wikipedia “Manila paper is a relatively inexpensive type of paper” . Hmm.. this is not the only Filipino brand we want to be right? And who will forget the infamous   “Filipinos” cookie of Barcelona Spain. A Filipino brand that did not please all and has frenzied lot of Filipinos because of its racist undertone. Definitely of all these Filipino  branding, there is  one that we would not want to  carry around – “domestic helpers” , which was published  in 1998 by a Greek dictionary.

So what are our chances of beating the odds and achieving the perfect
Filipino brand?

We were still in continuous pursuit of this Filipino brand , but not  until the recent series of calamities that shook our country. When I heard about this from a local news, I knew that this Filipino brand is something recognizable and identifiable with what our fellow Filipinos have shown the world midst the trials and difficulties. It is bragging right we have rightfully earned . And  as matter of a fact, other nations have awarded this Filipino brand to us.

It’s none other than – the FILIPINO SPIRIT.

Filipino Brand

It’s not tangible just like the others, but it surely this brand is the perfect Filipino brand we deserve.

A Brand 100% Proud Philippine Made




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