Any day of the week may be special for me..from a manic Monday, to a lazy Sunday. So why do I have Tuesdays? Let me give the credits to a bookChiq Profile titled “Tuesdays with Morrie”. A book I’ve read several times in all sort of emotions -happy, sad, angry and ok, but still reaped different valuable and purposeful insights . I was such a big fan of this book that I was in pursuit of it’s movie and stage play, which luckily I both experienced.

My favorite tag line?
“The truth is, when our mothers held us, rocked us, stroked our heads -none of us ever got enough of that. We all yearn in some way to return to those days when we were completely taken care of -unconditional love, unconditional attention.”

Being a mom was my “first” job, literally since the confirmation came even before I was regularized in my job. The moment I saw the two pink lines glaring at me, I knew it was an evergreen contract with unknown disclaimers and unexpected disclosures. Scary? Exciting? Yes..but still I signed with all my heart. At first my life went into a paradigm shift. I went through series of hullabaloo. But after all those struggles.. there was this serenity that would make me realize..this is one of life’s sweet surrender!

Now, I’m a “full time mom” in my own way to a loving daughter and a witty son.I can say full time though still I’m employed at night, since the time I am away from home working is still dedicated to my children. Just like most of the working moms everywhere, my guilty pleasures would include – sleep (rewarding if 8 hrs), occasional side trips to the salon (when the kids need their haircut too), a quick trip to
boutiques and shops (when malling with the family), a glance on magazine stands (while inside the grocery), and favorite resto (while on a date with my ex-boyfriend…who is my better half now).

Tuesdays with Mama

This blog is a dream project for me. I conceptualized this during my daily MRT trips. Looking around the coach I was in, I always came across a lot of moms . I saw that even at those times, they can’t help their minds to drift on what dish to cook, what to buy on the grocery, when & how to pay the bills, or budgeting..and other motherly cares in this world.
Suddenly I felt the rush of excitement! I finally found what I want to write and hear about.I’d like my blog to be an avenue for my fellow moms. I’d like to venture on discounts, mall and garage sales, freebies, DIY stuff or anything that will spell PRACTICALITY. But of course, not to forget STYLE on the side. I’d love to listen and share stories about motherly stuff , and emotions included. Most importantly, it is my
fervent desire for this blog to be a platform to share ideas, information, tips, secrets, even recipes that will somehow help us moms in getting by our daily lives.

So please feel free to read, learn and share.

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