Interesting Video: “Who Do You Love More… Mom or Dad?”

This video was posted 2 days before Mother’s day in Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Obviously it was made for the upcoming Mother’s Day which is no doubt one of the “most celebrated “occassions each year. As Jimmy Kimmel commented ” America spent $21 Billion for Mother’s day and only $12 billion for Father’s Day“. Now since he said he is skeptic on this statistics, Kimmel decided to go out on the streets and get it straight from the kids.

Who Do You Love More... Mom or Dad?

Watch this interesting and funny video and know the answer to the sixty-four-dollar question to kids, “Who Do You Love More… Mom or Dad?” .

Here in the Philippines, it’s no different. Being a culture that sees mothers in various ways such as “Ilaw ng Tahanan“, “Haligi ng Tahanan” or “Reyna ng Tahanan“,  Mother’s Day gets the most hype on how it is celebrated.

But whatever way we choose to celebrate it, what’s important is going beyond it’s superficial meaning. Love for mothers and parents is and will always be an epitome of unconditional love. Let’s bring this love not in our shoulders to carry, but in our hearts to cherish.

P.S. No pun intended to Dads out there =)