My WD My Passport Ultra Review: What to love about it!

Having a PC and a laptop that is for “family use,” meaning I share it my husband and 2 kids, disk space has recently become a problem for us.

Our PC and laptop were like a large cabinet holding various files ranging from programs, MS office files, movies, games, images and others. We have become oblivious of our computers’ hard drive capacity that we just kept on stacking it with stuff we like to keep.

I personally just like other moms would like to as much as possible snatch a remembrance of each family moments by taking pictures. Since the birth of digital and cellphone cams, taking pictures has become unstoppable. Clicking the button has become habit-forming, and everyday random things have now become picture worthy for my family. Sure there’s no piled-up printed pictures and photo albums to worry about, but little did I know that our hard drive space is starting to become cramped up! . Thinking that a jpeg or PNG image file is just a few KB in file size , I’ve been keeping almost all the snapshots that that I have.

So when this message  “Not enough disk space” popped-up in my face, it was an instant dilemma for us ! Because we know I would need to delete some of my files to free-up some space. Something we cannot do in a flash!

As a remedy, we decided to search for an external hard drive and came across WD My Passport Ultra.

WD My Passport Ultra

WD, as one of the pioneers in hard drive manufacturing has recently come up with an improved WD My Passport Ultra. (Read:WD REDESIGNS WORLD’S No. 1 SELLING PORTABLE HARD DRIVE -My Passport Ultra and My Passport). Well, being state-of-the-art is very akin to WD for together with Hitachi, WD is under the flagship of its mother company Western Digital.

So no question why we instantly loved WD’s My Passport Ultra! Here are the reasons why:

  • USB powered

   No need for an additional DC source. Just plug the cord to any USB port and its working!

WD My Passport Ultra

  • Light and Handy

   Very portable it actually fits the size of a palm. I can just slid it in pockets of my bag without having the weight and the bulk

WD My Passport Ultra

WD My Passport Ultra

  • Excellent transfer rate

Waiting time to have a completed transfer was not an issue. WD My Passport Ultra uses the speed advantages of a USB 3.0 interface (2x bandwidth of USB 2.0).

  • Security feature

 With WD My Passport Ultra , I can safeguard my files by encrypting my data with my chosen password using My Passport Ultra utilities. The  device has a drive lock feature meaning it automatically remains locked once it is disconnected or if the PC is shut down or goes to sleep  mode

  • Easy Back-up

I can schedule when to back-up files as long as the drive is connected to the PC. Moreover, WD has a supported cloud account that  users can take advantage of.

  • Warranty

If others usually only have a year, not for WD My Passport Ultra. This external drive has not one, not even two but three years limited warranty.

This WD My Passport Ultra is truly a recommendable investment gadget-wise with its affordable price. The value it will give especially for moms like me is priceless !

Now, I wouldn’t have to worry looking for that extra space to compress our special “Kodak” moments.

WD My Passport Ultra