Tiyanak Remake 2014: T’YANAK – The “Anak ni Janice” Comeback for 2014!

TiyanakA remake of the famous 1988 movie Tiyanak, (although spelled differently)   T’YANAK movie aims to bring back to life the horrific cute little baby who turns into a little predator-slash-monster.

Who will forget this line “Oh my God.. ang anak ni Janice!” ? It was indeed the strongest memory most of us have for the Tiyanak,  80’s movie. This tag line was so eminent that it evolved to be a Favorite Filipino expression to describe something hideous. A comedy movie was even created in 1999 entitled “Anak ni Janice”, that starred Mahal and the late Rene Requiestas.

In 2007, there was a second installment for this horror film. But it veered away from the “Anak ni Janice” story line. This time, as said in the trailer, “mas malaki, mas mabilis, mas marami”, the Tiyanak is  baby no more and already had same specie friends. This is why most likely it was titled- “Tiyanaks”.


Now  T’YANAK , which is really intended to be a real Tiyanak remake will be one of the Next Horror Attraction.

And who else can best conjure the chills down our spine when we first saw this baby monster?

Of course, no other than Tiyanak’s original director- Peque Gallaga.


Director Peque Gallaga

This multi-awarded and veteran director boasts on the  sophistication of T’YANAK    . If we were shaken by the hand puppets in the original


film, the digital wizardry Mr.Gallaga infused in T’YANAK   made this Tiyanak remake absolutely wicked!

Talking about cast line –up, what can be more befitting for a promising movie like T’YANAK and the master filmmaker Mr. Gallaga? Of course, T’YANAK deserves a prime ensemble of actors who can match or even surpass the charisma of the original version. Obviously, Mr. Gallaga selected the cream of the crop of our new generation actors for this Tiyanak remake.

At par with Janice de Belen’s acting prowess, Judy Ann Santos will take Janice’s role in T’YANAK  . Joining her for this


remake are, Tom Rodriguez casted as the younger brother and Solenn Heussaf as the girlfriend .  To make T’YANAK  fiercer, another villain comes into life. A-list actor Sid Lucero, is said to also spread terror in T’YANAK .


T’YANAK Casts (From L-R) : Judy Ann Santos, Sid Lucero, Tom Rodriguez, Solenn Heussaff

T’YANAK will be shown exclusively in SM Cinemas on October 29, 2014. This is in celebration of the HORROR FILM FESTIVAL produced by Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP). Aside from T’YANAK, there are 3 other horror films that will be shown in the festival. These are :HUKLUBAN: GABI KUNG SUMIKAT ANG ARAW”-directed by Gil Portes, ; “THE MEDIUM” — directed by Romy V. Suzara; and “BACAO” — directed by Edgardo Boy Vinarao.

So are you ready for “Anak ni Juday”?



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