Stretch Marks: Love them with #loveyourlines

Stretch Marks as defined by Wikipedia  -“as they are called in dermatology, are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. They are caused by tearing of the dermis, which over time may diminish, but will not disappear completely.” But most women would define this in their book as  “ugly”, an imperfection”, “a dark secret” or as worse as “nightmare” , “disaster” or “a curse” .
Sadly and as a matter-of-factly, Stretch Marks have become inevitable and only a few are spared from these marks.

When we were young, most of us have this notion that Stretch Marks are only for the pregnant women or Moms who have given birth. Little did I know that Stretch Marks are not dictated by age .

I found out myself. My hips first met them when I was 14. Then as I went on with my teenage years, the back side of my arms came to know them too and eventually my hips and thighs .Being a “morena” my stretch marks were very visible, but being young that time, it didn’t matter to me. My cousin Jennifer who also had the same fate had tagged our Stretch Marks with several jokes we would laugh at. That those were  tiger scratch marks, so everytime she would accidentally see the stretch marks on my hips, she would act like a tiger and say “Rar!”  . Or she would start to run through the lines as if its a Braille book and say “pabasa sa Kagurangnan” (Bicol dialect), which means reading from the book. However, it wasn’t always that simple.After a couple of years, jokes faded .  Stretch Marks became a glaring imperfection that we both started to hide. We said goodbye to sleeveless shirts, hanging blouses and never wore bathing suits the same way again.

Yet, nothing has prepared me for what lies in the future. In my 2 pregnancies my body did not only meet more of them but there was new acquaintance called loose or sagging belly.

That’s why I was so happy to have come across #loveyourlines in Instagram. Need not to say more, but obviously this IG account promotes body acceptance or should I say stretch mark acceptance.With more than 100,000 followers from all ages, race and status, #loveyourlines  has a collection of more than 400 pictures of black and white pictures of women celebrating stretch marks beyond its flaw.


stretch marks


Each image is showered by members with empowering and encouraging words. As what the account’s tag line say “ Two moms celebrating real women, real bodies and real self love.” Yes, this social media account was created by moms .

Here are some images grabbed from this IG page. Included is a post by model Chrissy Teigen, wife of famous singer John Legend.

Read on and be inspired to love those lines too !

this anonymous submission really impacted us. it’s so hard to accept ourselves sometimes and we never know what someone else is battling with. we are asking our amazing #loveyourlines community to send this woman love,ecnouragement and warm words. if you are dealing with body image issues and/or suicidal thoughts, PLEASE get help. this world needs you and your life matters. ___________ These are my stretch marks. I’m 24 & not a mother. My fat & stretch marks make up approximately 95% of the reasons why I hate myself & why I’m suicidal. I’ve already lost 70 lbs & they look worst. I have them all over my body, including self-harm scars. I know for a fact that I will never find love & that weighs heavily on my heart since I would love to be a wife & mother someday, a family of my own. I don’t even mean to throw a pity party, but look at them. They’re awful. No man will love me or choose me when there are so many beautiful & lovely women out there. There is just no way a man would ever make love to such a monster. I will never be at peace with my lines. My body issues consume me at every waking moment. I wake up with it on my mine & fall asleep with it on my mind. I am all scars & completely lonely.

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The jennifer on this article is..

well ate Chiqui V. Plazo.. all my marks has its own story..from 116kg to 63kg..and from having a baby and now being preggy again..

Ikinahiya ko man sya noon..(at medyo pa rin ngyon.ahaha)..but not everyone can lose weight and have a baby.. thats something to be proud of.. 

Stretch Marks: Love them with #loveyourlinesStretch Marks as defined by Wikipedia -"as they are called in dermatology, are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. They are caused by tearing of the dermis, which over time may diminish, but will not disappear completely." But most women would define this in their book as "ugly",…