Review: Set A Drift of Memory Bliss with Reminisque Bistro

Coming into the scene of the lined-up hang-out joints in the long stretch of Tomas Morato is Reminisque Bistro.

Reminisque logo

Few days ago, I had the chance to get to know what’s in store and I must say there were a lot of interesting things that really made a good impression.

Launched in July 30, Reminisque Bistro sets a different path on ambiance, music and food that they offer. Its name that closely resembles the word  “Reminisce,”  truly defines what kind of experience  one can look forward to in  this new go-to place.

Reminisque Bistro promises that blast from the past with their menu, interiors and dynamic playlists.

The place is owned by former DJs Jun Adventura and Martin Portia,  Ms. Ynna Matias  and the chef of the house is Mr. Richard Nazareth. Each of them has contributed a personal touch to Reminisque Bistro. In fact, many of the decors on display are personal property of the owners. They also mentioned that customers will see them most of the time in the venue, as would like to interact with the customers as well.

Reminisque owners

Mr. Jun Adventura , Ms. Ynna Matias and Chef Richard Nazareth

Getting to the venue was easy for it was located just at the back of Zirkoh. It was a relief to know that looking for a parking space wouldn’t be a headache for a pay parking area for a flat rate of Php 45  was available just adjacent the venue.

Entering Reminisque Bistro, a classy cocktail bar with a display of  booze and vintage items welcome customers. According to the owners, some of the liquors at the bar came from their personal collection.

Looking for a good night’s drink? Reminisque Bistro serves  pure, concocted and fondly stirred with alcoholic mixes, spirits, vodka, seasonal fruits, and sweeteners.

Reminisque bar


Proceeding to the dining hall, the retro-inspired interior was really attractive. The fusion of orange (wall), brown (furniture), cream (seats) colors added to the retro-ish look . Framed pictures that belonged to the owners taken during their trips , accentuated the walls.  But what totally gave me that retro nostalgia was the red brick wall where a vinyl wall clock was hanged .

Reminisque wall Reminisque vinylReminisque Function

At the center of the dining hall lies a modern music equipment that is so ready to bring curated songs from the present and going back as far as the 60’s, ‘70s, ’80s and ‘90s. Again, accompanying it are some mementos from the owners like Bose speakers rooting back from their high-school days and original vinyl records that they collected through time.


Reminisque music

Aside from played music, live performances will also be held in Reminisque Bistro. Acoustic singer PIDO and Josua Desiderio (Freestyle) have performed during the acoustic nights.

Reminisque Acoustic Nights

To give music onlookers a variety of that Reminisque Bistro music, they came up with these thematic nights:

Tuesdays – Retro and Jazz Night

Thursdays – Acoustic Night

Sunday – Rhythm and Booze


Now topping this Reminisque Bistro experience is a taste of their gastric offering to foodies.

For those who would like to enjoy home-cooked Filipino food, put Reminisque Bistro on the list . Their kitchen is cookin’ some regional dishes with a twist, but still retaining  the authenticity of the taste. Chef Richard has brought with him old family recipes and infused it with latest cooking methods.

They serve the Ilonggo dish Kansi with its ala-bulalo and sinigang soup; authentic Kare-Kare made with peanuts and roasted rice grains; Lengua in creamy mushroom sauce and red wine; and  their signature Reminisque chicken that was fried to golden brown with a unique savory taste.

Reminisque food

Kansi, Kare-Kare, Reminisque Chicken, Lengua

A must-try is Reminisque’s Sisig.  To breakaway from the usual way of eating Sisig , Reminisque chef partnered it with pita which I find as a good idea to somehow lessen that oily feel.

Reminisque sisig

Rominique Bistro accepts special meetings, gatherings, and small parties. They have dedicated a function room that can hold 35 pax for private occasions.  What’s good for booking with Rominique Bistro? As mentioned by Ms. Ynna Matias during the Q&A, the menu they offer for event packages may be modified according to the customer’s request.

Those who are not after a gimik night, they may opt for a  sumptuous lunch instead for the place is open from 11:00 am  to wee hours around 2:00 am.

For inquiries and reservations call phone nos.  4415302 / 0476182093 . They are located at Scout Lozano Street corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

For the latest Rominique Bistro happenings, follow them in Facebook at Reminisque Bistro1.

Reminisque Bistro is a breath of fresh air . It’s music is sure to draw adult professionals and yuppies who are craving for some straight-up, comfort grub with the distinct feel of hometown goodness. So it will be no surprise if Reminisque Bistro not only becomes only to be a place to got to , but a place to come back to.