Rak of Aegis Rerun was off the racks!

Rak of Aegis Rerun

Rak of Aegis Rerun

,  was a blast!

Ok, “Aegis” label was already a come on for this musical because of the band’s popularity. Not to mention the Aegis household songs like –  “Luha,” “Halik,” “Sundot,” “Christmas Bonus,” and “Basang-basa sa Ulan”  , that were loaded in  Rak of Aegis Rerun. 

For those who haven’t watched Rak of Aegis Rerun,  there might be speculations that Rak of Aegis Rerun will just showcase a medley of  patid-litid-buwis-buhay  Aegis songs.

But I must say after watching it, there is a lot more for

Rak of Aegis Rerun

Why? I have picked these off the racks reasons:

  • House rule: You cannot sing along while watching Rak of Aegis Rerun . If you do, penalties may just be unbearable- you have to sing “Halik” or “Luha” 2 octaves higher or be soaked in the flood water in TIN SIKUNDS
  • Another house rule: Smoking, eating and smoking are rhyming words.. (anu daw?) and taking of PICHURS is a not allowed.
  • Basang basa sa ulan is just not one of the repertoire in Rak of Aegis Rerun, it’s there for real… with real flood as a bonus
  • What can be more interesting than real-life husband and wife Isay Alvarez and Robert Ceña become ex-lovers (Mary Jane and Kiel) with the“move on move in pag may time” rift.
  • The Jewel (Jimmy Marquez) shoe trends: Stileptos –rainboots cum stiletto contra leptospirosis; and Sapatsinelas –sapatos ala tsinelas, made to mock the no slippers no entry policy.
  • Kenny (Myke Salomon) being invited to the “CONDO” and bringing “PUDS”… sounds family?
  • Donation from a generous person who does not want to be identified and calls himself not as Anonymous, but “Don” (Nor Domingo as Fernan) short for “Don’t ask”. And when asked where he lives answers the same “Don” –“Doon lang”
  • Now “O” is not for orange, but for “Owkward”
  • Rak of Aegis Rerun

    My quick selfie with Tolits – a matinee idol in the making!

    Tolits (Jerald Napoles) is no Brad Pitt, not a Papa Piolo, not even close to..ah never mind. But his arsenal was his bizarrely delivered pick-up lines and the moves , which captured Aileen’s (Kimverlie Moilna) sweet “yes”. And oh I forgot to mention, his abs and muscles, really made some girls ( including me?) queuing for photo-op after Rak of Aegis Rerun.

  • News clips on Aileen’s (Kimverlie Moilna) sensational Youtube video, in 25 Oras and BBC News, with a reporter not only British looking, but British sounding too!
  • A new brownish colored drink that can cure – “BAHA JOS” (baha juice). No need to say more on where it came from. The color and name spills it all.
  • A phone call from Ellen De Genres
  • Lastly,  Rak of Aegis Rerun is not only a musical, but a fashion show too.

Rak of Aegis Rerun Now from being  “Rerun ”, it’s no surprise that Rak of Aegis Rerun   is now an “Extended Run”. As what PETA sites say- DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND, WE ARE EXTENDING RAK OF AEGIS UNTIL SEPTEMBER 14, 2014! A rock-solid proof, that Rak of Aegis Rerun was a success!

So whether a Rerun or an Extended Run, no doubt Rak of Aegis is definitely a must watch musical!

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