Modus Operandi of Most Common Crimes : The PNP List

Modus operandi is a common term or it can be said that it’s a common news that we hear nowadays. As Merriam Webster defines, modus operandi is  “the usual way that a particular criminal performs a crime.”

But in time, perpetrators have been very creative in carrying out their heinous plans. Now good thing a public advisory on  “Modus Operandi of Most Common Crimes”  was released by PNP to warn the public.

Six modus operandi made it on the PNP list namely Besfren Gang, Dura Boys, Laglag Barya Gang, Pitas Gang, Salisi Gang, and Tutok-kalawit Gang. It was truly an informative advisory for each modus was vividly described in the presentation.

The advisory was not only  an infographic but it also stated as to where these modus operandi usually happens (Common Crime Scene)  and a step-by-step on how the felons operate their modus (Tactics Descriptions).

As expected netizens flooded the comment section , with some saying that they have been victimized by one of these modus. There were expresseions of positive reception also from some netizens , thanking PNP for this information. However, there were few criticisms suggesting to translate the wordings in Filipino for easier understanding and some observed that the dollar ($) sign was used for the money images.

Nevertheless, PNP advises the public to be vigilant and alert. They also provided a text hotline to report these incidents – PNP text hotline: 0917-847-5757.

Here are the list of “Modus Operandi of Most Common Crimes” by PNP.


Modus Operandi Besfren Gang



Modus Operandi Besfren Gang Dura Boys



Modus Operandi Laglag Barya Gang



Modus Operandi Besfren Gang Pitas gang

Said to be common in the following areas:

Taft Ave, Baclaran, Quiapo, Edsa Crossing, Makati along Edsa, Divisoria, Sucat and Parañaque



Modus Operandi Besfren Gang Salisi gang




Modus Operandi Besfren Gang Tutok-Kalawit

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