PLDT HOME Telpad as the most advanced Telpad: The Cutting Edge in Telpad Technology

PLDT HOME Telpad HC7:­ The Cutting Edge in Telpad Technology

PLDT our leading telecommunication company once again leveled up their Telpad technology with the PLDT HOME Telpad.

With its powerful and high-tech features, the PLDT HOME Telpad HC7 is the most advanced Telpad in the market today! Here’s why:


PLDT HOME Telpad HC7 and the Works

PLDT HOME Telpad functions like a powerful remote control!  With this single device, we can turn on and off multiple remote-controlled appliances like aircon, fans and devices like TVs and DVDs.We can also switch channels of our TV even with our Cignal subscription and hit play button for DVD players.

This state of the art feature allows PLDT HOME Telpad to control the devices and appliances via infrared and Wi-Fi.

What’s more awesome? PLDT HOME Telpad has a program that can enable us to schedule the time when to turn on or off. For those who have PLDT’S recently launched FAM CAM installed at home, PLDT HOME Telpad can also be used  control it via Wifi.




Another amazing feature for PLDT HOME Telpad is it can be a Wi-fi Repeater.

Having a router at home is great, but having PLDT HOME Telpad to expand Wi-fi connection is greater!

How is this possible? PLDT HOME Telpad if placed in our living room can already work as a router. If there is a spare router, we can place it in another part of the house where internet signal is weak. And voila! Wi-Fi signal is stronger in these areas.


The most advanced PLDT HOME Telpad  also has 2 cool features for multimedia and music lovers at home.

Equipped with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) capability, we can do media/music sharing from our smartphones and laptops just by connecting to the dock via Bluetooth.

To complete our music experience, the PLDT HOME Telpad has built-in high fidelity speakers whose audio output matches that of stereo speakers.



Having discovered and experienced the PLDT HOME Telpad , I can say that this black box is not just one of our run-of-the-mill home devices.

As a mom who is keen on convenience and practicality, PLDT HOME Telpad is a sure fit for my standards. Getting this device for our home, I can soon say goodbye to that finders-keepers-stressful experiences when our remote controls are nowhere to be found when we need them. A clutter-free home is another bonus!

I also love how PLDT HOME Telpad can help in efficiently managing our electricity usage. It’s like having a timer for each of our programmed appliances and home devices.

Most importantly, with all the motherly-cares-in-the- world we moms have, safety of our kids is on the top of our game! Being able to watch over our kids while we’re outside doing mommy errands with the PLDT HOME Telpad and PLDT’s FAM CAM, is such a big relief! These are definitely solid reasons to grab PLDT HOME Telpad !


PLDT HOME Telpad and the Package

HC7 6

PLDT HOME Telpad packages are easy to avail, budget-friendly and definitely worth it.

Here’s are some FAQ’s:

Who can avail of PLDT HOME Telpad?

  • PLDT HOME Telpad is available on HOME DSL Plans 990 and up.
  • Their Telpad Plans come with landline + broadband + tablet!

 I currently have a HOME DSL Plan, how can I avail of a PLDT HOME Telpad?

  • Just add as low as P500 to your HOME DSL Plan to upgrade to a Telpad Plan
  • Additional P145 applies for 12 months to avail of the all-new Telpad.

How can I apply for PLDT HOME Telpad?

  •  Apply at any PLDT Sales and Service Center or visit for more information