Philippine Festivals in May: Summer’s Last Festivities


Philippine Festivals in May


are  the last parcel of Summer festivals here in the Philippines.

As month of May wraps up, school opening will commence and so as the dazzle and drizzle of the rainy season in June.

So just before we finally cache our summer memories, let’s glimpse on the festivals in May by Philippine Tourism. It’s never too late for your last summer whoopee.

Flores de Mayo
Whole month of May

One of the longest celebrated Philippine festivals in May honoring Virgin Mary which literally means “Flowers of May” Highlight of this event is  Santacruzan, a re-enactment of the search of Queen Elena for the cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified. The town or city’s loveliest ladies are paraded in their most elegant gowns.

Philippine Festivals in May

Santa cruzan

Philippine Festivals in MayPilipinyahan
May 1-7 , Tagaytay City

This is to promote the pineapple, which is one of the known products of Tagaytay. A festival in May headed by Tagaytay tourism and local government.


 Pasalamat Festival

Philippine Festivals in May

Pasalamat Festival

May 1-La Carlota, Negros Occidental

This Philippine festival in May is celebrated with a very colorful street dancing and a parade of harvested farm products as a thanksgiving ritual.

Magayon Festival
May 1-Albay Province

Magayon means beautiful in Bicol dialect. This Philippine festival in May is held in Albay to showcase the beauty of their culture and arts thru exhibits, parades, shows, and sports.

Pista’y Dayat Festival
May 1-Pangasinan

Also a thanksgiving Philippine festival in May for the bountiful year of the local fisherman of Pangasinan . This is held at the seaside where local aquatic products are feasted on the table.

Philippine festival in May

Pista’y Dayat Festival

May 2-Nabua, Camarines Sur

One of the most unique 

Philippine festivals in May


believed to bring a prosperous year. A re-enactment of the 13th-century rite of offering chains of coconut embryos called boa to deities is performed.

Carabao-Carozza Race Festival

Philippine Festivals in May

Carabao-Carozza Race Festival

May 3-Pavia, Iloilo

A Philippine festival in May, where the main event is a race of carabaos (water buffaloes) pulling decorated bamboo carts in a 400-meter course race.



Lanahan Ritual
May 1-3-Balabag, Digos, Davao del Sur

Lana, a medicinal oil is the star of this Philippine festival in May. A ritual is done by the Bagobo tribe after their pilgrimage in the holy mountain, Mt. Apo to create this oil.

Garlic Festival

Philippine Festival in May

Garlic from Ilocos

May 1-3-Sinait, Ilocos Sur

An annual celebration of the town’s main product-garlic. Activities in this festival includes street dancing with costumes made of garlic, Miss Garlic pageant and contest on the biggest garlic and most creatively twined garlic.




Balanghai Festival
Butuan, Agusan Del Sur

Comes from the word Balangay, which were the first wooden watercraft where early migrants of Borneo and Celebes went aboard. This Philippine festival in May is to remember their arrival in Agusan and eventually settling the Philippines.

Philippine Festivals in May

Balanghai Festival

Tapusan Festival
Whole month of May-Alitagtag, Batangas

A Philippine festival in May that lasts for the whole month to honor the Holy Cross.

Barangay Boat Festival
May 11-Aparri, Cagayan

A yearly fluvial Philippine festival in May to honor of Saint Peter Thelmo, the town’s patron saint.

Sunduan Festival
May 14-Paranaque

A pageant called “Sunduan” highlights this Philippine festival.  Coming from the word “sundo”, which means to fetch , this fetival associates this to the traditional Filipino courtship antics.

Carabao Festival

May 15-Pulilan, Bulacan

This is a Philippine festival in May where blessing is not only for the town folks but most especially for the carabaos. The carabaos are paraded and literally receives blessing from the town priest to honor San Isidro Labrador.

Pahiyas Festival
Lucban and Sariaya, Quezon

One of the most prominent and well known Philippine festivals in May because of the colorful and extravagant but edible decorations such as fruits , vegetables and most common is the “kiping”, a colored rice wafer. This festival in May is to honor their patron saint, San Isidro Labrador for the previous year’s abundant harvests. The patron’s image is paraded around the town  to ask for a bountiful year to come.

Philippine Festivals in May


Obando Festival
May 17 to 19-Obando, Bulacan

Also one of the most popular Philippine festivals in May, especially for couples who are fervently praying to conceive. Dance rituals are performed for 3 consecutive days to honor 3 patrons May 17 for St. Paschal (for couples who want a male child), May 18 for St. Claire (for couples who want a female child) and May 19 for the Our Lady of Salambaw (patroness of fishermen).

Philippine Festivals in May

Obando- Fertility Dance

Pahoy-Pahoy Festival
May 19 to 25-Calbiga, Samar

One of the most peculiar festivals in May, where giant pahoy-pahoy (scarecrows) made of

Festivals in May


native materials are used in street dancing. To create a scarier aura are the sound from musical instruments made up of bamboos, cans and stones. But all of these are done to scare the local maya birds.







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