New LTO License Plates for Old and Existing Vehicles: New Look for the Old Ones


New LTO License Plates

DOTC  Secretary Jun Abaya announced yesterday that starting 2015 to 2017, old and existing vehicles will be issued new LTO license plates. This move from LTO (Land Transportation Office) is part of the government’s license plate standardization program. Owners of old vehicles will eventually carry the new LTO license plates.


These new LTO license plates are similar to those issued to brand new vehicles.

New LTO license plates have white (background) and black (characters) design, which most countries use. Aside from design value of these new LTO license plates, added security and safety features such as reflectorized sheet for improved visibility; and tamper-resistant locks and screws making “tanggal-plaka” modus harder to achieve.

New LTO License Plates


But take note that this is not to be mistaken as a total change!

LTO  reminds that changing to new LTO license plates DOES NOT include plate nos.

As further explained by Land Transportation Office (LTO) executive director Alfonso Tan – “Just to remind those who have old license plates: the new plates will not change your alphanumeric combination, Your existing plate numbers will be retained”.

So to be clear, vehicle owners of old cars will only have to unbolt their green lettered and bordered license plates. The 3 alpha numeric and 3 digit combination will remain the same.

How will the

new LTO license plates

be implemented for old vehicles?

Ordering of the new LTO license plates will coincide with the renewal of MV (Motor vehicle) registration of vehicle . Release will be after 45 days after order date.

Well although being newly designed, the new LTO license plates will not cost any extra. Cost will remain at Php 450.

Now aside from the new LTO license plates, there will also be a new windshield sticker.

New LTO License Plates

LTO has phased out the yearly sticker and has replaced it with permanent “third plate” windshield sticker. Unlike the old sticker wherein the year no. is the most readable, the new windshield sticker will contain vehicle’s plate no. and other registration information. More importantly, the sticker was promoted as “permanent” for anti-tampering purposes. Peeling it off will leave traces of information on the windshield.

What to do with the old and brittle, license plates? As per LTO, our old license plates will only be valid for keepsake.

As for the

new LTO license plates

, who wouldn’t want a new look for a new year right?

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