Nathaly and her Wrecking Ball Lip Synch that will Touch hearts

Anne Hathaway’s recent stint with Lip Sync Battle performing “Wrecking Ball” has become viral.

However, another similar video is now making an impact not only in this  video-sharing website but also in the hearts who have watched it.

This video features Nathaly Hernandez, who at barely two years old can knock-off  any Wrecking Ball performance.


Shots from Nathaly’s Youtube video

Though stricken with a congenital ailment that affected her joints and movement,  Nathaly  can amazingly express herself , full emotions with this Miley Cyrus song.

Watch this emotional lip sync by Nathaly and have your heart touched by this cute little angel !

According to MailOnline, Nathaly has spent most of her years in a nursing home in Kentucky , USA called Home of the Innocents. She is being cared by nurses and therapists of this non-profit organization .

Although Nathaly is seen sitting in the video, sadly she is unable to walk and can only go around using a custom-made wheelchair. She also has a breathing tube in her neck, which obviously did not stop her from being able to make sounds as heard in the video.

Nathaly first heard Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball from her teenage roomate and became attached to it eventually as narrated by her caregivers.

Her parents Angel and Maria, are hopeful that Nathaly will be able to go home for a special schooling soon. 



Nathaly with older sister. Photo grabbed from MailOnline