MRT Express Train: An Express Answer?

MRT Express Train will start to run the tracks of MRT Line 3 tomorrow.

After the recent havoc in MRT 3 because of its sluggish passenger’s queuing system, MRT 3 management is introducing MRT Express Train. An experiment by MRT 3 Management, MRT Express Train scheme will implement trains to skip stations to pick-up and alight passengers. As per DOTC on MRT Express Train “Experimental run aims to increase mobility and lessen waiting time”

MRT Express Train
Congested MRT 3 stations other than end points North Ave and Taft Ave. are to be targeted by the MRT Express Train.Well this is because, most of the time, trains are already filled up in these starting points. Leaving the passengers of other stations at the mercy of a scanty space, or worse a lost train ride.

Dry run for MRT Express Train will be from May 7 to May 20

How express is

MRT Express Train


MRT Express TrainTrains for MRT Express Train are scheduled on peak hours .From the usual multiple stops of a single travel, MRT Express Train is fixed to stop at only 5 stations.

From May 7 to 20, only MRT Express Train headed Southbound will run from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Northbound trains will only start running on 13 to May 20 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Here’s the journey plan for

MRT Express Train


May 7 to 20, 7:00 am to 9:00 am (Southbound)

1S (Quezon Ave. Pick-up)

Quezon Ave →Buendia→Ayala→Magallanes→Taft Avenue

2S (Kamuning Pick-up)

GMA Kamuning→ Buendia→Ayala→Magallanes→Taft Avenue

3S (Cubao Pick-up)

Cubao→ Buendia→Ayala→Magallanes→Taft Avenue

May 13 to 20, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (Northbound)

1N (Magallanes Pick-up)

Magallanes→Cubao→GMA Kamuning→Quezon Ave→North Ave

2N (Ayala Pick-up)

Ayala→ Cubao→GMA Kamuning→Quezon Ave→North Ave

3N (Buendia Pick-up)

Buendia→Cubao→GMA Kamuning→Quezon Ave→North Ave

Note that regular trains will still available during these times. MRT Express Train will be alternately running with the regular trains.

During this experimental period, MRT 3 management will evaluate and make recommendations to DOTC before

MRT Express Train

can be cast in stone. MRT Express Train follows the recent remedial move of MRT 3 management, which is adjusting the operating hours from 4:30 am to 10:30 pm while waiting for 48 new coaches in 2015.

MRT 3 Management committed Information dissemination of MRT Express Train to its regular passengers. For proper guidance, these posters were mounted on entrances and passenger’s desk can be approached as well. Satellite tellers will also be deployed.

MRT Express Train




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