Mother’s Day Facts You Want to Know

Happy Mother’s Day to my fellow Moms! Moms like me have been greeted and have been greeting for quite some time now, but do we really know the whats ,wheres, whys and hows of Mother’s day ? For the nosy bees, let me share some interesting facts that will help us know Mother’s day better.

Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day

has been celebrated for more than a century now.

First celebration of mother’s day dates back to 1908 in West Virginia US.

“Mother’s Day” vs “Mothers Day” 

Yes, the first celebration of Mother’s Day was dedicated solely for a mom. Anna Jarvis, from West Virginia US made the first ever observance of Mother’s Day. It was a tribute to her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis who has done significant acts of kindness such as caring for wounded soldiers in WWII, founding Mother’s Day Work Clubs and Mother’s Friendship Day. Anna Jarvis originally wanted it to be in singular form to honor each mother individually. However, since this celebration has spread around the world, Happy Mothers’ Day is now also used.

Why 2nd Sunday?

The 2nd Sunday of May marks the Mother’s Day because of a proclamation signed by President Woodrow Wilson in May 14, 1914.

Though some countries celebrate Mother’s Day on different dates, majority around the world has adopted the 2nd Sunday of May celebration.

Mother’s day is actually celebrated whole year long.

Since some countries have selected date other than 2nd Sunday of May for Mother’s day, some countries like Myanmar actually celebrates Mother’s day as early as January. The country who celebrates Mother’s day the latest is  Indonesia,  December 22 .

Mother’s Day = International Women’s Day

Countries that are usually ex-communist gives more emphasis on International Women’s day rather than Mother’s Day. A perfect example is Russia, who celebrates both events the same date, every March 8.

 Mother’s day

in the Philippines on a December?

Two (2) Philippine president signed proclamations that set

Mother’s Day

to first Monday of December. One is Proclamation 2037 signed by Ferdinand Marcos in 1980 and Proclamation 266 by Joseph Estrada in 1998.

Although Corazon Aquino reverted it to 2nd Month of May, it was superseded by Estrada’s proclamation. Thus, officially Estrada’s proclamation is still effective and we should be celebrating December instead of May.

Mother's day



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