Mitch Albom in Manila

For quite some time now, I’ve been following one of my favorite inspirational writers Mitch Albom. He is the famous author of the bestseller book ” Tuesdays with Morrie”. Just a few days ago, I came across his Facebook message for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan here in the Philippines. Reading the first few lines, Mitch Albom expressed his sympathy and encouragement, which I truly appreciated. Until I reached the last few lines and came across something unexpected!

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You read it right! Mitch Albom  will be visiting Manila on February 2014.

What news can be better than that? Especially for Mitch Albom followers just like me. And based on the comments that lined up after his post, looks like I share the same feeling of excitement with a numerous Filipino fans.

So why are we so enthralled to meet a Mitch Albom? If you don’t know Mitch Albom yet, we’ll here’s a glimpse of who he

Mitch Albom  used to be a sports writer. In 1997 , his inspirational book ” Tuesdays with Morrie” was published . The book was a far cry from the sports articles Mitch Albom used to write since it  talked about life experiences. From then on, he has changed his course being a writer and more inspirational books followed so as his awards.Mitch Albom

Aside from being a writer, I can say that Mitch Albom is a philanthropist in his own ways. It was one of his take away from ” Tuesdays with Morrie” , which is to be involved in the community. Mitch Albom  has founded six charitable organizations in his hometown, Detroit and an orphanage in Haiti for the earthquake victims. I remember reading his posts about his Haiti experiences and on how he immersed with the distraught families .

Currently, Mitch Albom is touring the US for his new book “The First Phonecall from Heaven”.

This piece of Mitch Albom’s history may not fully explain why he is liked by many. So, if you want to know more about Mitch Albom , there is still time to grab and read  his books. Meanwhile,  I would need to watch out for details and infos about Mitch Albom’s visit and of course share it to my fellow fans.

Better get those pens and paperbacks ready.. book signing , coming soon!








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