Mitch Albom helps Texanna Hollis , 103 years old- A Man with Good Books and Good Heart

Just as when the great books of

Mitch Albom

are soaring it’s way to a lot of readers,  so as his charity works that continue to reach a lot of people in need.

Mitch Albom helps Texanna Hollis

Texanna Hollis

was one of the many whom Mitch Albom has helped. In  2012, Texanna Hollis at 101 years  of age lost her home when it was foreclosed by HUD (Housing and Urban Development) . Two unfortunate reasons caused Texanna Hollis to have her things packed – default on property tax and the property was deemed afterwards as not suitable for dwelling. It was painful for Texanna Hollis, for she was will leave not only a house, but a memento very close to her heart. It was an abode built for her by her late husband way back World War II where she spent a lifetime by making it her home for 60 years.

Texanna Hollis

and her Homecoming

But just before Texanna Hollis celebrated her 102nd birthday, she was again in her kitchen and baked cookies.

Mitch Albom helps Texanna Hollis

Texanna Hollis going home

On her new renovated home were freshly painted walls; new roof, carpet & tiles; family photos on portrait; newly installed kitchen cabinets; and brand new heating system and appliances . Most touching of all was her new porch that welcomed her- a porch accessible for her wheelchair. “I am the happiest person on earth,” was all that Texanna Hollis could say while on tears as she was wheeled by Mitch Albom on her reunion with her new home.

All of these were the fruits of kindness from Mitch Albom  and S.A.Y (Super All Year ) Detroit, a charity organization. When news about Texanna Hollis came to Mitch Albom, he persuaded HUD (Housing and Urban Development) to sell the house to S.A.Y Detroit. Mitch Albom also pledged to fix it. It took only $100 for Mitch Albom to buy the house and $30,000 for S.A.Y Detroit for the equipment and materials and free labor from other volunteers from  A Time to Help, Tamer Construction, and the Detroit Rescue Mission , to restore Texanna Hollis’ home and most importantly her profound happiness.

Mitch Albom stayed in touch with

Texanna Hollis

, right up until she passed away before New year’s Eve of 2013. As Mitch Albom quotes on his Facebook page ” It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Texanna Hollis, who passed away just before New Year’s Eve at the wonderful age of 103. Texanna was a joy to us all. We met her when she was – incredibly – thrown out of her house after a reverse mortgage was defaulted, but through our charities we were able to get her her house back. She was so happy when she was in that house, which she said her husband had built for her after World War II. She was a woman of God, and was forever faithful. She cried many times during our visits, always from joy, always saying “thank you” for all those who helped her keep her house. I know she is in heaven today. We will miss her down here”

Mitch Albom helps Texanna HollisMitch Albom continues to work with S.A.Y Detroit to help the homeless in Detroit. Last December 5, 2013,  the “Mitch Albom S.A.Y Detroit Radiothon” was successfully held, raising over $400,000.