Barbie in Flat-Shoes Finally: Is it Latest or Late?

Barbie in Flat-Shoes is now in the Philippines !

For the longest time in 56 years, this Mattel fashion doll was always fashioned tip-toed just like a ballerina . Shoes to accentuate Barbie dolls were always with heels, may it be a summer or casual outfits.

But a significant change has come for the world’s most celebrated fashion doll!

Barbie in Flat-Shoes

Mattel introduces Barbie in Flat-Shoes as part of their “authentic street style” fashion line!

According to International UK news site -“the fashion industry has been shuffling around in the comfort of flat shoes for quite some time. And now, Barbie has caught up. The new Fashionista Barbie wears chunky sandals and gladiator sandals, made possible through adjustable ankles. Finally, she is free from the tyranny of permanent tiptoes.”

In Australia, says “Toymaker Mattel have been rolling out more diverse versions of the doll since January, aimed at allowing Barbie to better represent the world. The latest of these is a Barbie that comes with flat shoes.”

Yes you read it right!  Barbie in Flat-Shoes has adjustable ankles for flat shoes, gladiator sandals, or flat sandals !

Barbie in Flat-Shoes

What’s more exciting with the new Barbie in Flat-Shoes is that 23 new Fashionista Barbies will be the new addition to the long line of different Barbie variations. These Barbie in Flat-Shoes, will be featuring 14 different facial looks, eight skin tones, 18 eye colours, 22 hair styles and 23 hair colors.

Barbie in Flat-Shoes

This new Barbie statement receives a criticism though. Moreover on The Guardian’s article that started with this statement-“No longer on permanent tiptoes, Barbie’s latest incarnation is able to wear flat shoes. A positive step, if a little late to the trend

Well latest or late, Barbie in Flat-Shoes will surely be a hit especially for Barbie fans. It is expected to be widely accepted and appreciated.

According to SM Toy Kingdom, each doll for the  Barbie in Flat-Shoes is sold at Php 2299.75.

Barbie in Flat-Shoes

Source: Sm Toy Kingdom FB