Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge Injures Teens

To match a nice colored lipstick to beautiful lips is a fetish for some girls and women. Celebrities who are popular for having “sexy” lips include Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Alicia Silverstone and Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe to name a few.  What do their lips have in common? Full lips with nice shape.

According to Wikipedia, woman’s full lips are more attractive than lips that are less so. That is why a lot of lip augmentation procedures to improve volume of lips has become so marketable.But of course, there are costs latched on it. Not until recently when a hype called Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge  has gone viral, wherein achieving that full volume and pouty lips won’t cost a dime. Only a bottle cap, or a bottle or ashot glass or glass jar is needed.  

Unfortunately, this Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge has gone berserk recently and parents and children are warned.

There have been numerous pictures and videos posted in social media that showed teenagers getting hurt doing this challenge. What they do is to place their lips into the glass/jar opening and suck the air . As a result, the lips does get the volume , but dangerously because of swelling. Some ended up with bruised face or disfigured lips.

Here are some not beautiful, but painful results of the Kylie Jenner Challenge (#kyliejennerchallenge)  posted in Instagram

Warning: Some images are graphic. Please do not try this anywhere!

Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge


Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge


Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge

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Kylie Jenner as we all now is a member of the reality-TV-celebrity clan, Kardashians.

The Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge was inspired by the gradual transformation of Kylie’s lips .

It was rumored that she had a “lip job”, which she brushed-off saying all were just make-up enhancements. She has recently responded to this fiasco in a Twitter post.


Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge


Ugh, I've seen this in my newsfeed and I think that it's absolutely insane for these kids to even think of doing this.


I pity those fellas.  But I say, think, assess before trying anything new. 


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