BETADINE Feminine WashThough being sexy can have thousand definitions, it is an undeniable fact that each of us women do exhibit our own sexiness in ways we are confident and comfortable with. Some of us achieve it in so many ways like  by going to the gym, diving into a certain diet, splurging in a salon, flashing a fashionable get-up and the list goes on.

As a busy mom, I stick to that feeling sexy by squeezing in exercising 2x a week at home. Aside from my mom duties, my exercise routine 2x a week helps me sweat away some calories and keep-up with my own sexiness goal.

However, while women like me cherish being sexy outside, there are these so-called “womanly problems” that clouds that momentum. Women are faced with many discomforts, which sometimes become an issue that needs to be dealt with seriously. Especially if it involves our intimate area that is prone to irritation, itchiness and odor. A total zero sexiness down there right?

So how do we get away with these “unsexy” dilemmas?

Of course we can always go back to the do’s and dont’s of intimate hygiene. Consistently practicing it is indeed very beneficial. But to make our intimate hygiene habit more effective, partnering it with a reliable feminine wash is important.

Admittedly, we can’t help but be very meticulous in choosing what feminine wash to use. Most of us aim to get the right protection from germs, bacteria and infection.

Good thing there’s doctor-trusted BETADINE® Feminine Wash!

Join the Sexy Clean revolution to get that inner sexiness! Improve your intimate hygiene by using BETADINE® Feminine Wash at least twice a week (or everyday during red days).

Because it’s a Povidone Iodine 7.5% antiseptic feminine wash, BETADINE® Feminine Wash can make our intimate area stay clean and protected.

Worried about odor, which can sometimes get out of hand during our monthly periods? BETADINE® Feminine Wash will save us from those embarrassing situations for it works to lessen odor and even irritation during the RED days. One of the features we most love in this number 1 in Liquid Anti Septic Feminine Wash.

For mothers like me, I’ve first used BETADINE® Feminine Wash after giving birth as it is the most prescribed product by OB-Gynes. I have continued to use it and currently, me and my daughter both use BETADINE® Feminine Wash.

Now with the BETADINE® Feminine Wash experience me, my daughter, together with all BETADINE® Feminine Wash users can proudly say  “Clean is the New Sexy”.


BETADINE® Feminine Wash