Icons Meet and Greet Event : A Successful Grandparent’s Day Celebration by SM Cares Foundation

SM Cares Foundation’s pre-celebration of Grandparent’s Day with the Icons Meet and Greet event was indeed a success!

I must admit that I expected this event to be toned-down and slow. But when me and my mom (who’s at her senior years) entered the venue,  SM Skydome was already exploding with energy !

It was a well-attended event by no other than our beloved Senior Citizens who danced and sang the night away with the classic golden songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Songs like “Quando, Quando,” “New York, New York,” “Downtown,” and other jukebox hits filled the air. Our elders , unmindful of those aching joints were on their feet doing dance moves like foxtrot, swing, and samba.

Icons Meet and Greet event


The first hour of  Icons Meet and Greet event already promised an enjoyable Sabado night to our dear  Senior Citizens.

Guest bands Timeless Trio and Rockin 60’s got the crowd ecstatic with their renditions 60’s and 70’s music. An all-male group called Jackston Brothers provided a different entertainment with their funny antics while singing “Katawan” by Hagibis.

Jackston Brothers: Icons Meet and Greet event

Icons Meet and Greet event was indeed a dedicated affair for the Senior Citizens for it was not only for the Senors but by the Seniors as well.

Organized Senior Citizens showcased their timeless talents by performing cultural dances, played music with local instruments and even did a “mini” fashion show.

Icons Meet and Greet Event

Icons Meet and Greet Event

Cariñosa Dance



Icons Meet and Greet Event

The Fashionistas


To add more fun, some of the Senior Citizens were able to bring home prizes from the raffle provided by the event sponsors.

Of course the highlight of this Icons Meet and Greet event were the performance of Mr. Mark Preston of the Letterman and John Claude Gummoe of The Cascades . And just before these Icons had the stage, Mr. Gary Lising fueled up our Senior Citizens with his classic jokes.

Mr. Mark Preston of the Letterman took the stage first and during the interview with Mr.Lising it was said that it was actually his 5th time in the Philippines. Some of the songs he performed were “Sway,” “Goin’ Out of my Head,” and what he called as the “most beautiful love song ever written -Portrait of My Love.”  Mr.Preston’s voice quality was undoubtedly still in good shape as he seamlessly belted out his songs.

Mr. John Claude Gummoe of The Cascades who at 77 years of age still has a voice as soothing as the rain also captivated the audience. It’s his 10th time in the Philippines and openly expressed that it was a very pleasing experience to perform for the Senior Citizens.   He sang Cascade’s “Dreamin’ ,” “There Must be a Reason,” and “The Last Leaf“.

Mr. Mark Preston of The Letterman

Mr. Mark Preston of The Letterman from Image Source: SM North FB


Mr. John Claude Gummoe of The Cascades

Mr. John Claude Gummoe of The Cascades

I was born in the era of Pop and New Wave of the 80’s, but truly enjoyed this event. The songs were very familiar to me for I’ve heard it from my parents and other elders in the family during videoke moments. Until we went home, I got LSS’ed by these beautiful jukebox classic songs.

The Icons Meet and Greet event had SM Skydome  beaming with smiles both in the faces and hearts of our Senior Citizens. This free event resulted to a priceless experience for our elders were able to relive their old memories and create a new one.

Kudos SM Cares Foundation !