I love Telpad more with Kids TV !

It was a blast attending the launch of Disney on Telpad. The Disney online games and activities we came to know about really stirred excitement for everyone.  Now amazingly, a month has not passed yet from the successful launch but PLDT HOME has already come up with another innovation. As what PLDT Executive Vice President and Head of Home Business Mr. Ariel P. Fermin said “In addition to giving them access to Disney Interactive content right in the comforts of home, here’s another reason for kids, and their parents, to love the Telpad,”

Introducing… Kids TV!

PLDT Home Telpad

PLDT Home Telpad


This additional wonderful feature is powered by PLDT HOME Telpad with its partnership with our country’s biggest pay TV operator, Cignal Digital TV. Via a streaming service , we can now watch 5 popular kid shows namely Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, , and Da Vinci Learning. Imagine being able to watch well-liked cartoons from Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network ; and the educational and interesting shows from , Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, , and Da Vinci Learning just by tapping the HOME Player widget on our PLDT HOME Telpad ! Its easy-to-use screen surely is easy as ABC .

Kids TV

On top of the fun side, this feature will give parents like me peace of mind on screening what our kids watch, even if we’re not at home. Kids TV is a dedicated application that contains only certified kid-friendly content. So there’s no need to turn on any security or privacy settings.

This new feature shows how PLDT Home understands that quality family time deserves nothing but quality product. Mr. Ariel P. Fermin pointed this out saying “When it comes to family-friendly entertainment for kids, we only want the best for our subscribers. This new and affordable service is part of our long-term commitment to help Filipino families forge the strongest connections at home through compelling multimedia offerings.

As early as now, I can say that Kids TV will be a sure hit for the Filipino households.


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