Flappy Bird Loses its Wings- Why Dong Nguyen took down the Game


Flappy Birds- Dong Nguyen

Flappy Bird

maker Dong Nguyen Twitted this last Feb. 8.

flappy bird dong nguyenTrue enough , Flappy Bird game has flown away from the Android and Apple app stores. Yesterday just before  Dong Nguyen shut down Flappy Bird , there was a shoot up on its reviews reaching  146,000, which of course is tantamount to the game’s number of downloads. Not bad for a farewell bash!

Why take Flappy Bird down?

It was rumored that Flappy Bird makes a beefy $50,000 dollars income a day from in-app advertising revenue. Reports say that game creator Dong Nguyen, a Vietnemese programmer for 10 years can no longer handle the hustle and bustle of  Flappy Bird’s fame. Last Feb. 8, before  Dong Nguyen made his controversial announcement, there were already indicative messages on this.  Here are the series of Tweets exchanged with Dong Nguyen and his followers.

@dongatory Not because of them but because how people use my game. They are overusing it.

@dongatory  I can call ‘Flappy Bird’ is a success of mine. But it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it.

@dongatory  “Flappy Bird is just a mini game. I would like keep it as it. Sequel may have.”.

flappy bird dong nguyenNews from the grapevine tells another story.

The green pipes, blue sky, white clouds and the chime . It is said that Dong Nguyen will be chased  by Nintendo for making Flappy Bird somehow mimic the all time classic Super Mario Brothers.

This was however cleared by

Dong Nguyen

in one of his Tweets saying:

Flappy Bird-Dong Nguyen


It is suspected that Dong Nguyen has shied away from the popularity of Flappy Bird because of his personal life being invaded and the app being misused. There was a hoax that sprung recently that a teen in Chicago stabbed his brother over Flappy Bird score.

What’s next after

Flappy Bird?

Dong Nguyen

planned to make Flappy Bird a sequel, but  Flappy Bird will no longer flap it’s wings . This however is not the end for Dong Nguyen. In fact , in his Tweet message he proudly says-

Dong Nguyen-Flappy Birds

For Flappy Bird addicts, no need to panic! Flappy Bird will stay and run in your mobile devices. For those who haven’t downloaded it yet, no use to cry on a spilled milk. Care for Flappy Wings instead?