Figure Ice Skating and the Guinness Records

Figure Ice Skating

Michael Christian Martinez

After Michael Christian Martinez swizzled his way to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, making a breakthrough for the Philippines- sprang the hype of every Juan on Figure Ice Skating.  Now, the few ice skating rinks in the country are expected to swell with the aspiring ones and the curious many. Not only the number of skaters are expected to multiply but also skating rinks are reported to mushroom in this tropical country in the very near future . Mobile rinks are already in Clark and Pampanga, and soon a big one in Cebu.

But before we go euphoric on

Figure Ice Skating

and indulge ourselves on how to camel spin , cherry flip, or cheer for Michael Christian Martinez  in the Olympics,  let’s  turn the pages of  Guinness World Records for the history makers and records to beat on

Figure Ice Skating


GuinnessMost no. of medals won by a man for Figure Ice Skating

Gillis Grafstrom (Sweden) –  3 medals , consecutively from 1920-1928.

Most no. of medals won by a woman for Figure Ice Skating


Patrick Chan

Sonja Henie (Norway) – 3 medals, consecutively from 1928-1936.

Highest total score for a man for Figure Ice Skating

Patrick Chan (Canada) –  set  the records just last November at the Paris’ Trophée Bompard   with the score 295.27


Figure Ice Skating

Kim Yuna

Highest total score for a woman for Figure Ice Skating

Kim Yuna (Korea) – for her total combined scores in the 2010 World Olympics held in Vancouver, where she won Gold medal.

Highest total score for a pairs team for Figure Ice Skating

Figure Ice Skating

Maxim & Tatiana

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Tranko (Russia) – with a total of 237.71. set at the 2013 Skate America competition



Figure Ice Skating

Tara Lipinski

Youngest Figure skating World Champion for Figure Ice Skating

Tara Lipinski (USA) -World champion at the age of 14 at 1997 World Figure Skating Championship and Olympic gold medalist at the age of 15  at 1998Winter Olympics held at Nagano, Japan.


Figure Ice Skating

Robin Cousins

Longest axel jump and Longest back flip on Figure skates

Robin Cousins (UK)- in 1980, reaching 5.81 m (19 ft 1 in) and 5.48 m (18 ft), respectively.

Most continuous upright spins on ice skates

Lucinda Ruh (Switzerland) –  record was set last April 3,2003 at  Chelsea Piers Sky Rink in New York City for  115 rotations on one foot.

Watch this video and do your counting (if you can)

Fastest spin on ice skates 

Natalia Kanounnikova (Russia) –  maximum rotational velocity of 308 rotations per minute at Rockefeller Center Ice Rink in New York City on March 27,2006.

This is how fast her moves were.

Figure Ice Skating

Mao Asada

Most triple axels performed in one competition by a female

Mao Asada (Japan)- reigning Olympic silver medalist, who made 3 triple axels during her stint in 2010 Worlds FS (US)

Evidently, Figure Ice Skating is dominated by snow stricken countries , like Russia who has the largest ice skating rink in Nizhniy Novgorod. In Asia, Korea and Japan are passing the titles between themselves.

So who knows, Philippines may also land a record in the prominent Guinness World Records list..

The 1st Figure Ice Skating World Champion from a Tropical Country. What say you?