FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models) in Eat Bulaga – A Pound for Pound Beauty Pageant

Are you a HEAVY-gat who have the guts? If yes, Eat Bulaga and FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models) awaits you!FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models)

Today, Eat Bulaga launched a fresh and surprising contest called FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models) . Need not more to say, the contest title tells it all. Open for women not only with beauty, talent, wit, confidence but most importantly that EXTRA size. FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models) is a beauty pageant for the Plus size women.

FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models) Beauties: Paula, Chi and Andrea

FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models) Beauties: Paula, Chi and Andrea

First to do their catwalk for FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models) in Eat Bulaga were Paula, Chi and Andrea. These ladies were truly voluptuously beautiful and talented. In their talent portion for FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models) Paula, strummed her guitar and sang “Ako na Lang” by Zia Quizon; Chi jerked the “Wiggle”; and Andrea took a blast with her “Fireworks”song number.

Moreover, these FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models) ladies are definitely FULL of substance! Paula is a band vocalist; Chi is a make up artist s and a DIY hobbyist who makes her own bikinis since plus size bikinis are always in a haystack ; and Andrea is already a Plus size model who also aspires to be a flight attendant.

Of course, in every pageant the most exciting part  is the Q&A portion. But FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models) offered a different cup of tea. Each contestant will face the FHHM – For Healthy and Heavy Models magic mirror, where a magic word will pop in and will be expounded by the contestant.

Watch these videos and hear their WEIGHTY thoughts on WAISTLINE (Paula), DIET (Chi) and EXTRA RICE (Andrea)…

First winners of

FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models)

in Eat Bulaga are Paula and Andrea.FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models)

FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models) auditions are held in Broadway Centrum, from 3 to 5 PM. Requirements are Valid ID’s, Birth Certificate,Close up and Whole body picture and Music Material for a song or dance number.

FHHM (For Healthy and Heavy Models)

is another breakthrough for Eat Bulaga. Definitely EXTRA ordinary!

Can’t wait who wins this Pound for Pound Pageant!



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