PLDT HOME Telpad Partners with Disney: Innovation and Disney Fun within reach

PLDT HOME Telpad Partners with Disney: Innovation and Disney Fun within reach

I am a Disney kid myself who has a treasure trove of Disney memories. My Disney fascination started with the black & white Mickey Mouse cartoons in a Betamax tape and eventually dreamed of wearing the Cinderella dress and then sing with the voice of Ariel of Little Mermaid. Of course, Disney movies OST like “Part of your World” were among my sing-along tracks.

And now that I have my own kids, I would love to have them to experience the Disney magic too! That is why I am very excited on things that will happen soon, hearing that two of the leading and most loved brands PLDT and Disney have come together to bring a new innovation to our homes.

PLDT broadened its multi-year, multi-platform partnership with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia welcoming aboard Disney’s digital entertainment arm – Disney Interactive. Now this has granted PLDT to deliver the fun and enjoyable Disney content to over 75 million PLDT mobile and broadband subscribers nationwide. The Disney content contains Disney mobile games, e-books, and value-added services (VAS) that can be accessed using PLDT Home and Smart units.

I congratulate PLDT for this tie-up with Disney because it is the only telco company accepted by this prominent international family entertainment and media enterprise to carry the Disney content.

As a kick-off for this PLDT-Disney venture, Disney on Telpad package had its official media launch last March 15, 2015 at Cravings, Edsa Shangri-la Mall. Thanks to PLDT! I had the opportunity to attend with my husband and 2 kids since the launch was fashioned just like a Sunday family affair. The event was Disney themed and I really felt that Disney ambiance seeing kids in prince or princess costume. Event host who looked like a real princess and introduced herself as Princess Kath added to the Disney feel. To complete the Disney experience was a block screening of “Cinderella” movie generously provided by PLDT HOME.

Disney on Telpad
At the press conference, I was very eager to know what the Disney on Telpad package was all about. Knowing how PLDT can be so innovative with the recent introduction of hi-tech gadgets such as PLDT Home Telpad and PLDT Home Famcam, I was sure that it will also be wonderful product.

Mr. Patrick Tang, PLDT VP and head of Home Voice Solutions, presented the features of the Disney on Telpad package. Here’s what I was able to get from his lively presentation:

  • Disney widget on the Telpad
  • Free Disney Telpad skins every month to accessorize unit
  • Free 2 downloadable premium games
  • Free access to thousands of games, e-books, activities
  • 7-day speed boost in DSL plan
  • All PLDT Home Telpad subscribers may avail of the Disney on Telpad package for only Php 199 / month.

Disney on PLDT


Mr. Patrick Tang also mentioned that Pixar, Marvel, and Lucas Film themes will be on the Disney on Telpad. Talking about upcoming movies like Ant Man, Avengers and Star Wars as future themes made me, my kids and almost everyone say “Wow!” He also added that more online digital fun stuff are to come this year and next year as PLDT has a long-term tie up with Disney. Ok so looks like the Disney craze is here to stay!

Disney on Telpad

After the presentation, we had the chance to look at Disney on Telpad up close and personal. It was actually love at first sight for my kids. They were fascinated in an instant just seeing the Mickey Mouse and other Disney-inspired skins. My son was thrilled to see Big Hero and my daughter was of course glued to Frozen. But for me as a Mom, what I found appealing was the fact that Disney on Telpad package was practically priced at Php 199/month and its amazing features are very promising for family bonding. With Disney on Telpad, parents like me can finally share a common interest with my kids at the comfort of our homes. Together we can enjoy Disney games and activities or even read e-books of Disney classics. Surely there will be a walk down the memory lane moment for me. But most importantly, I am very excited with the learning experience that this technology can give me and my kids.

I can definitely say that Disney on Telpad is a great and genius way for PLDT to prove that the strongest connections are at home.

No reason for me not to grab this beautiful package!

It was indeed a good experience to have attended the launching event of Disney on Telpad. I really appreciate that PLDT has been coming up and will continue to come up with child-friendly and family-centered products. Being a leader in the telco industry, I have no doubts that PLDT is and will be successful in this Disney endeavor. The short speech by Mr. Gary Dujali, VP and head of PLDT Home Marketing was a good take away for moms like me. He said “Kids is central to Filipino home or PLDT Home. If you’ve seen in our past campaigns, we have always featured kids…This is the first campaign about kids… This is the start of our kids program…very soon in April we’ll have another one…”. Can’t wait to see what’s the next surprise PLDT has for kids and kids-at-heart like me!

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