Denise Laurel as Lea Salonga in Your Face Sound Familiar 2

Being a Lea Salonga fan, I can’t help but catch this Denise Laurel as Lea Salonga under my radar.

In her Your Face Sound Familiar performance last weekend, Denise Laurel performed  “Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal.”  A song from the 90’s movie with the same title  that starred  Lea Salonga, Aga Muhlach, and Ariel Rivera.

Denise Laurel as Lea Salonga

Denise Laurel as Lea Salonga From: Your Face Sounds Familiar Youtube

Production-wise, this Denise Laurel as Lea Salonga performance is nothing grand.

There were no elaborate props nor costume . Denise Laurel came out looking like Lea with her bright red coat and neatly cut bangs. No intricate dancing was done. She just stood there and gave a smile that would pass for a toothpaste ad. No birits or kulots, Denise just opened her mouth and lungs and sounded almost exactly the same as our Disney princess Lea Salonga!

Try listening with your eyes closed just like what Jed Madela did at one point. Lea Salonga’s distinct and melodic tone that we loved her for was surely there- clear and crisp.

At the end of her song number, even her contenders realized that and gave a standing ovation.

The judges on the other hand had all praises for this  performance. Even Mr. Gary Valenciano pointed out how underrated Denise’s talent is and he would want to see more.

Well, this Denise Laurel as Lea Salonga performance may seem to be too plain and simple.

But the expectation of mimicking a caliber performer like Lea Salonga has its own definition. She is someone who has wowed the world, so mediocrity is something that will be off-key. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or overly done, but it has to be classy, theatrical, dramatic yet polished. Of course don’t forget that  Lea Salonga-ish accent!

And I’m happy to conclude for myself that Denise nailed it.

Here’s the performance.

As we all know, Lea Salonga is very straightforward in giving comments. Can’t wait forher comment on this Denise Laurel as Lea Salonga stint.

Will she approve of it? Let’s wait and hear!