Cherry Foodarama: Brighter, Bigger and Better

Cherry Foodarama Shaw and Congressional re-opens respectively for a brighter, bigger and better shopping experience!

Last October 13, 2015, Cherry Shaw celebrated its grand re-opening after months of  laboring on enhancements. As it now ventures under SM Markets management, Cherry Foodearama has achieved a new look and new perspective.

Cherry Fooderama as it was before had grocery items, a bit of apparel, toys and home items in store . Following the direction of SM Markets, both Cherry Shaw and Congressional will have  fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, and more on their shelves. Whats’s more is that not only our all-time Pinoy grocery favorites are present but also British goods from Tessco. Appliances, furniture, home/kitchen ware will also be the new addition to Cherry’s offerings.

Furthermore, Cherry Foodarama will now be able to cater on health and wellness with Watson’s pharmacy . Bill counters will also be made available to shoppers for convenience on bills payment.

And now that Cherry Foodarama already belongs to SM Family of companies, SM Advantage card holders will be able to enjoy discounts, freebies and earn points with their purchases .

With all of these new and wonderful features, Cherry Foodarama can now definitely be called a One-Stop-Shop!

Cherry Foodarama

Talking about service delivery,  SM Markets has imparted their decade-old formula on excellent customer service, and was combined with Cherry’s 63 years of experience. As a result, Cherry Fooderama is now all set to deliver high-level satisfaction to its customers.

Cherry Shaw

Mural at Cherry Shaw Entrance

Of course amazing promos are now ongoing as Cherry Fooderama says “welcome back” to everyone!

Everyday FREE (Oct 13-18)
Get the item of the day free for a min. P 1,000 purchase of groceries in Cherry Shaw:

·Oct. 13- C2 Greentea Apple 500ml

·Oct. 14- Creamsilk Conditioner Standout Star Pink 11mlx6

·Oct. 15- Nestle Chuckie uht 250 ml

·Oct. 16- Surf Powder Sunfresh 65gx6

·Oct.17-Jack&Jill Piattos Roadhouse Bbq

·Oct. 18- Nestea Icetea Lemon (powder) 25gx3

Everyday Buy One Get One FREE
Get the item of the on Buy One Get One FREE for a min. P500 purchase (Oct. 19-25)

·Oct. 19 Ariel Powder w/ Downy 45gx 6

·Oct. 20- Cheezwhiz Plain 220g

·Oct.21- Pringles Original 110g

·Oct.22- SM Bonus egg (medium)

·Oct. 23- Nestea Icetea Lemon (powder) 25gx 6

·Oct. 24- Snickers Classic 70g

·Oct.25- Safeguard Soap (white) 135g

Get Creamdory Fish Fillet for only P50 for a min. P500 purchase (Oct. 26 – Nov. 1)

Free Ready-to-cook items
Get the Ready-to-cook item of the day FREE for a min. P500 purchase (Nov. 2-8)

Nov. 2- SM Bonus Chicken Pandan
Nov. 3- SM Bonus Breaded Bolabola 10’s
Nov. 4- SM Bonus Pork Tocino 240g
Nov. 5- SM Bonus Pork Bbq 5’s
Nov. 6- SM Bonus Pork Tonkatsu 5’s
Nov. 7- SM Bonus Embutido 250g
Nov. 8- SM Bonus Beef Tapa 240g alloc.


I am one of the many who took the time to wonder, where have all the “Cherrys” gone ? My family, being a regular shopper of this neighborhood grocery store felt this ounce of sadness when we saw the closing of its doors.

News came that it will be under SM management and we knew something good is about to come. And these expectations were just about right!

On the day it re-opened, I had the chance to see the new Cherry Fooderama reborn!

When I arrived that familiar spot along Shaw Blvd., seeing the new facade was already promising. The place was in a total festive mood!

Cherry Foodarama


Cherry Shaw


Shoppers who missed their old pal excitedly waited at the doors that will be opened at 3pm that day. As the scheduled opening time approached, a countdown was made and confetti from party poppers filled the air.

Cherry Shaw


Inside, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos.

Cherry Shaw opening

As shoppers made their way into the new Cherry Shaw , warm smiles and greetings welcomed them from staff and guests.

Cherry Shaw Cherry Shaw Cherry Shaw


Touring around, the Cherry Shaw makeover was really impressive. The design was modern and the whole place was well-lighted. What used to be a one-floor building is now multi-level. But customers don’t have to worry for there were elevators and walkators.

In case customers would like to grab a bite, they can go to food stalls and what looks like a mini-foodcourt called Foodarama.Other specialty stores like HandyMan is also part of the new Cherry Shaw.

Most importantly there was  an ample parking space that consisted of 2 levels. It is free of charge as of this time.


Cherry Foodarama ShawCherry Foodarama ShawCherry Foodarama ShawCherry Foodarama Shaw


To wind-up, the Cherry Foodarama make-over was a huge sucess!

Cherry Congressional will open its door again to its loyal customers today, October 15 . It will surely be as successful as Cherry Shaw.

Despite the changes, SM Markets left behind the classic feel of Cherry Foodarama. It was a fulfillment on their promise that every visit to Cherry Shaw and Cherry Congressional will be as sweet as cherry just like the old days.

Congratulations and welcome back Cherry Shaw and Cherry Congressional! #CherryShawOpens #CherryIsBack

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