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BDO Branch Codes List

Looking for a list of BDO Branch Codes? Here’s a list that will help you identify what branch a BDO account belongs to just by looking at the first three (3) digits of the account no. This BDO Branch Codes List consists of Banco De Oro branches nationwide, from Luzon, Visayas and […]

Globe Smart Sun ABS-CBN Mobile Prefixes 2016

This 2016 , there has been an addition to the networks that we already know. Currently, the Philippines’ mobile industry players are Smart, Talk N’ Text, Sun and Globe and ABS-CBN Mobile . From the list of mobile prefixes in 2015, here’s an updated one with new nos. Read on and keep yourself […]

Modus Operandi of Most Common Crimes : The PNP List

Modus operandi is a common term or it can be said that it’s a common news that we hear nowadays. As Merriam Webster defines, modus operandi is  “the usual way that a particular criminal performs a crime.” But in time, perpetrators have been very creative in carrying out their heinous plans. Now […]

modus operandi

Anti-Drunk/Drugged Driving Act – What drivers should know about RA No. 10586

Drunk and drugged are two big no-no’s when steering the wheel, stepping on those pedals and flaring the road or simply said-when driving. Being one of the major causes of road accidents, 3 government sectors namely Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), Department of Health (DOH) and the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) collaborated to […]

Books For Less Sale 2015 : Buy Books @ Php 20!

Books For Less Sale 2015 is soon to lure book-lovers to a crazy sale! For the whole month of August, Books For Less will have a Warehouse Sale where books will be sold at an unbelievably very cheap price. Thousands of book will land the shelves of Books For Less Sale 2015 and […]

Ten Interesting Crazy Facts about Fathers

  Today is Father’s Day in the Philippines ! Celebrated in the Philippines every 3rd Sunday of the month, Father’s Day in the Philippines for 2015 landed June 21st in the calendar. In the Philippine culture, Fathers are considered to be the “haligi ng tahanan” (pillar of the home).Considered as “Head” […]

Barbie in Flat-Shoes Finally: Is it Latest or Late?

Barbie in Flat-Shoes is now in the Philippines ! For the longest time in 56 years, this Mattel fashion doll was always fashioned tip-toed just like a ballerina . Shoes to accentuate Barbie dolls were always with heels, may it be a summer or casual outfits. But a significant change […]


DSWD Advisory: How netizens should handle Child Abuse

Recent news of child  and senior abuse pictures and videos spreading online has stirred public concern and has even reached an alarming level for DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development).   While DSWD works on tracking the people responsible for these abuse cases, DSWD Sec. Dinky Soliman pleads to the […]

This is What Happen when Guys Experience Labor Pains

There’s an ongoing Buzzfeed video sensation called “The Try Guys”  . Slicing up the group’s name, ” The Try Guys ”  is made up of 4 guys namely Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Ned Fulmer who each have the audacity to try anything from being UFC fighters to, doing DIY […]

Interesting Video: “Who Do You Love More… Mom or Dad?”

This video was posted 2 days before Mother’s day in Jimmy Kimmel Live. Obviously it was made for the upcoming Mother’s Day which is no doubt one of the “most celebrated “occassions each year. As Jimmy Kimmel commented ” America spent $21 Billion for Mother’s day and only $12 billion for Father’s Day”. […]